Dance ’em All / TRI4TH

Dance ’em All
Music: Yusuke Orita

Produced by TRI4TH

織田 祐亮 Yusuke Orita(tp)
藤田 淳之介 Junnosuke Fujita(ts)
竹内 大輔 Daisuke Takeuchi(p)
関谷 友貴 Tomotaka Sekiya(b)
伊藤 隆郎 Takao Ito(ds)
・Recorded on 14th Jaunuary, 2016 at Studio Mech
・Engineered & Mixed by Naoki Hayami
・Mastered by Yoei Hashimoto (AUBRITE MASTERING STUDIO)
・Directed by Keisuke Taniguchi (Playwright)
・Assistant Director: Yu Nishida
・Package Designed by GEWGAW
・Photography by Saburo Yoneyama(SignaL)
・PR Agent: Toshihiro Asai

Music Video Crew
・ Directed by Yu Nimiya (CL Records)
・ Assistant director: Yuichi Mukou
・ Camera Operators: Yusuke Shirakawa, Naoki Takeshi,
・ Clothing Supplied by Garrot Tokyo / Ego Tripping
・ Stylist: Tomohiro Iwata
・ Hair Making: Masamitsu Maisawa
・ Location: LOOP ANNEX

(P)&(C) 2016 Playwright. Distributed by disk union


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